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What are the factors that affect the price of hydraulic brick machine?

2018-6-27      View:
Hydraulic Brick machine equipment prices vary widely, although there are many types of new brick machine equipment appearing on the market, but in fact, the difference is not great from the fundamental technology above, resulting in brick machine equipment price differences for many reasons, the price of raw materials. Steel is the main manufacturing material for brick machine equipment, so the level of domestic steel prices directly affects the market price of brick equipment. If domestic steel prices are still rising as last year, then the price of brick-based equipment will also increase. At this time, the customer who needs to purchase the brick machine must study and consider the quotation given by the manufacturer. If the quotation is significantly lower than the average market price, it means that the product quality is definitely not pass, after all, the merchant will not do lose money. Manufacturing costs. The size and production parameters of the brick machine equipment are also the main factors affecting the price. When purchasing, choose the appropriate specifications according to the actual situation of the company.

The same specifications of brick machine equipment understand the prices of several suppliers, and the goods cannot be deceived by irregular manufacturers. With production technology, the technical content of products is high, and the selling price is naturally expensive. Understand the composition of cement hydraulic brick machine equipment in order to better use the cement static brick press machine. Each component of the cement brick making machine plays an important role. At the same time, the use of each component is unique. So what are the parts of the cement brick making machine? The main structure of the machine-made cement brick making machine consists of the following parts: The fabric mechanism is mainly used to send the material in the silo into the forming mold; the frame mainly supports the various parts of the equipment and when the brick is molded The pressing force; Silo is mainly used to store the material; Indenter is mainly used for the forming pressure of the equipment, in addition to the role of the mold release in the middle of the work; The plate supply mechanism is mainly used for the transfer of pallets, divided into the front of the plate and Side feeding board in two parts, this part is also equipped with a scraper and a coating mechanism. The lifting table is mainly used for mopping bricks and vibrating. It is used for the forming of bricks when it rises. It is used to pull out the forming bricks when it is falling. The control cabinet is mainly used to install the control system of the equipment; the brick transfer rack is mainly used to cement The bricks are formed on the workbench forming bricks.