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Maintenance method of eco brick machine

2018-6-1      View:
For all the machine equipment in the production process may cause some wear and tear in the production process, so it is more important for us to maintain the semi-automatic fire free brick machine equipment of Zhengzhou double Sheng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
1, we should check the eco brick machine for a fixed time, observe whether there is the problem of spare parts loosening, and if the loosening occurs in time to tighten the treatment, only in this way can the damage to the semi-automatic fire free brick machine be reduced to the greatest extent, and better maintenance is carried out.
2, we must pay special attention to the maintenance of hydraulic equipment, for the active nodes should be placed in time lubricants, lubricants and other lubricants. Because eco brick machine is different from other equipment, there may be oil leakage during the use of hydraulic machinery. Therefore, in the process of using the eco brick machine, it is not only to check the hydraulic equipment and the fixed time according to the production condition, but also to check the hydraulic machine before production, and whether it can continue to produce. In addition, the oil cylinder, valve block, tubing and so on may also be leaking.
3, the eco brick machine equipment in the use process, must use with the machine equipment matching, must use qualified todis, and correct placement, if the support class does not match, the position is not properly placed on the equipment has a lot of damage. After the end of the use, the workers should thoroughly clean the concrete mixture on the mold box and the head.
4, semi-automatic no burning brick machine equipment will inevitably have some problems, which should be handled in a timely and correct manner. There are a lot of people who have just been on the hands of the eco brick machine equipment operation is not enough to understand, because the quantity of packing is not very pure lead to the condition of the equipment stop running, so we should strengthen education and training. There are some kinds of problems and ways of handling our Zhengzhou double Sheng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. maintenance handbook inside all the instructions, as long as the instructions can be done.